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March 11, 2009

Hard Money Lenders

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February 15, 2009

Economic Disaster Will Pass

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This economic disaster will pass. History has shown this to be true countless times.

Posted by Pitbull Mortgage School on February 10th 2009.

Much of today’s economic environment can be compared to the earth’s natural environment, where often chaos and disaster can produce beneficial results. In the natural world, where would we be if the forest, algae and the rest of the foliage along with all of the animal life were to continue to grow unchecked and untested? In the natural environment of our world, if there are no natural disasters to cull out, clean up and rejuvenate the forest, the entire eco system becomes weak, withers and dies. It has been observed many times that at the time, lightning, floods, fire, wind and rain can have devastating effects, but over the long run we see that all of these disasters produce benefits which at the time we cannot see. Just as it is in nature, that economic disaster can produce long term benefits even though at the time chaos and disaster are all that can be seen.
It seems that every 7 to 10 years our economy goes through a “severely unnatural disaster”. I believe  this cycle of disaster is a completely natural phenomenon. Just like an overgrown forest, the economic eco system becomes overgrown with lofty positions, vague business practices, and loose accounting. the economic disaster we face today is part of the natural process of culling out, cleaning up and rejuvenating our financial eco system so that the entire economy does not wither and die.
In today’s economy, these windows are opening faster than ever before. In the disaster of the 80’s recovery occurred in 36 months, in the 90’s 28 months, and in 2001 recovery occurred after 18 months. Given this historical perspective, I believe that the recovery of the current recession could take less than 2 years years. Yet what really irks me is how so many experts believe that big business is the answer to the question of how to fuel the recovery. Congress has approved billions of dollars of taxpayer’s money to be given to the car companies and financial institutions, while virtually ignoring the largest producers of employment in our country, the small businesses. When last I checked, nearly all big businesses have laid off tens of thousands of people. What has  the financial bailout done except help to exploit the people who have worked at these companies? Are we not advocating simply seeking a profit at all costs at the expense of people?
Whenever you ask a hard money lender about their motivation when it comes to their business, invariably you will find that motivation comes less from a sense of wanting profit for the sake of greed, but from a sense of responsibility to their employees, their customers and their family. Come on experts and congress! Let’s start to bail out the 5 million small business owners from their crisis. Are there not 300,000 small businesses filing for bankruptcy or simply closing up shop monthly? Shouldn’t the government provide assistance to small businesses like they did with Bear Stearns, and AIG? I guarantee that the small business owner will not spend the money on bonuses or to pay down debt. They will create new markets, and bring new products services and innovation to existing markets, and in order to do this, they will need to hire employees to get the job done. If we can do this right, we have the opportunity to turn this economy, and this country around. The private money lending industry is a vital part of our economy. We need to think of different and innovative ways of generating wages so that we can keep our people working, keep up morale, and keep people thinking and contributing. Let’s turn our business models into circles where everyone participates, not pyramids of delusion that lead from the top down. Leading from the top down only works when you share your vision, and everyone in the company comes together to help. Like a forest fire in the natural world, in order to put out the fire, everyone must bring a bucket of water if we are to put out this economic disaster.
This economic disaster will pass. History has shown this to be true countless times. If you understand this, and understand that this is a time that should be taken advantage of, when the weak and overgrown parts of our economy have been culled from the economic environment, hard money lenders and mortgage brokers will be poised to take advantage of a great recovery, and will end up stronger in the long run. It may take some retooling of your thinking, and it may take some assistance, but in the long run the benefits will outlast this short term disaster.

February 6, 2009

SEO web check of www.pitbullmortgageschool.com

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We did a scan of pitbull mortgage school . com and found 0 broken links, a lot of new content mentioning every state of the US making Pitbull Mortgage School first on every google search with the key term “state”+hard+money .  I think this guys know what they are doing in search engine placememnt.

Pit Bull Mortgage School

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Pitbull Mortgage School posted a video about foreclosures take a look at it and comment:

February 4, 2009

hard money seminar pictures of the Nov 13th event

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you can see the pictures of last event at


the prices go from 599$ to 899$

February 2, 2009

Pitbull Mortgage School

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Invites all the hard money lenders to a nationwide event that takes place April 30th, in Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

January 15, 2009

investors to fund your projects

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Huge in the business, every time I go to any hard money event I listen to people say, Iam looking for money to lend, money to broker or I got some extra cash I want to invest. People go to this events not for the training but for the connections they make. Brokers, Lenders and Investors that is what is all about. How could we make this happen everyday?  instead of 2 or 3 times a year when this hard money events are held.

January 14, 2009

Hard Money Seminars and Networking

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I found a national seminar which  is taking place April 30th for Hard Money networking.

It is taking place in Las Vegas, by pitbullmortgageschool.com

does anyone know of any more events about hard money and where all the lenders and investors go to meet? It would be cool to have them all posted here.

January 13, 2009

Hard Money & Real estate owned properties Domains for SEO

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REO = real estate owned properties = bank owned properties
It look like buying bank owned properties seems the way to go in today’s market and guess what put real estate owned on the google search bar and what do you get? a couple of pages with no page rank, with no hard moneywebsite structure, real simple websites that dont know their key word, I think if anyone wants to jump into the REO business they should buy a domain like realestateowned-us.com or something like similar so they can get the first possition on google immediately.

Another example is if I where interested in getting hard money into the first page of google it would help me to buy a domain like hardmoney.us.com or something very similar, i cant get hardmoney.com because that domain someone must already have it.

January 11, 2009

Hard Money SEO

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SEO for a hard money lenders is a must, let me give you an example of what SEO is:

If you go to google.com and type in the search box hard money loans in Texas what results do you get, how many people do you think type this phrase on google everyday. The numbers are huge, you gould get about 200 page views to your site per state per day if you are number 1 on google.

Now let me tell you how you can get started getting hard money loans up on the search engine for your website.

1) I would put a link on my website that says hard money loans

2) I would find out who is back linking to my site and what anchor text are they using.

3) I would check if my meta keywords on my website say and have the correct weight.

If you have any questions, place a post and I will answer you ASAP.

Alfred Campana

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